About Us

Seams 2 Refurb began in 2015 out of the basement of Kami’s home.  At the beginning the focus was on making custom items from sewing and furniture projects.  The idea of taking items that were destined for the garbage or a fire and turning them into items with a new life and purpose started the quest to see what we could create.  Anything that could be upcycled from furniture, cabinets, clothing, and much more would be turned into Home Décor, Housewares, and other designs.

We started by getting stencils of designs that we hoped would appeal to all.  We discovered everyone was looking for something different, their own items of interest.  That is when we discovered we can design exactly what people wanted and started producing custom creations as well as embellishing other items.

The possibilities are endless and the items we create will continue to grow and expand.


Seller was amazing in keeping track of the order and checking that I received it in time for my trip!
— Jon, Chicago, IL
I placed my order for two drink lanyards on August 30th for a wine festival on September 9th. I received the two lanyards on either the 3rd or 4th, even with it being a holiday weekend! I was thrilled that they arrived with plenty of time to spare. I tested the lanyards with glasses we had from previous beer festivals and they worked GREAT! I could not be happier with both my purchase and the wonderful customer service!
— Christina, Pembroke, MA
Love everything they make! Good quality and awesome products!
— Mariah, Milwaukee, WI